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Urban Grunge Free WordPress Theme

Urban Grunge Theme is a simple black, red and white template with grunge elements. It is highly customizable. It has a horizontal menu and 2 widget ready sidebars.


Download Urban Grunge Theme Version 1.0

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  1. LisaRenee |

    I love the design of this template, unfortunately I have some blog readers still using IE6 and it won’t work for them – they can’t see the middle section of the blog.

  2. admin |

    Hi LisaRenee,

    This template works fine on IE6. Check out the Demo in IE to see that the content of the blog appears without errors.

    Have a great day!

  3. zEEROCKz |

    If someone is still using IE6, please please please upgrade to Firefox or Chrome. Please don’t kill designers.

  4. Cira |


    suite aux différentes mises a jour de WordPress, je n’ai plus header.jpg dans ce theme que j’adore. Magnifique theme.

    Qui peut m’aider ?

  5. Cyb |

    img/header a disparu avec les nouvelles versions de wordpress :(

    la version 3.1 de Worpress n’a pas apporté d’améliorations.

    Pouvez vous m’aider ?


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